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More than 30 years working in the arts means a wealth of works. Bart Drost's studio is bulging. In particular the chest of drawers full of drawings. They are often the basis of his objects and installations. On this page a choice of the series of drawings in pencil, crayon, pastel, ink and oil/acrylic paintings from various years. They are for sale, just like all other works in the studio. Objects, series from installations, huge paintings and so on.

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ink drawings -2011/2018

For a presentation at Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen in 2011, Bart Drost converted the porcelain drawings he made in 2007 in the European Ceramic Work Center into drawings on paper.  In 2018, he added a series of drawings of boy figures. All these drawings in East-Indian ink are made in an edition of 2. One for sale, the other stays within the series.

Size 30x20 cm.


oilpastel small size - 2005/2017

oilpastels & softpastels on paper, 20015-2017.  

A4 size.


black&white drawings - 2010

Drawing is like second nature. Bart Drost draws in series, fast and a lot. Sometimes in bold chalk, then with pencil. This series of 100 drawings are executed in black PITT chalk.

Size A4


omaplant - acrylic on canvas - 2009

Illustrations in 'Omaplant en andere gedichten', with poems from Hay Wijnhoven.



softpastel small size - 2004/2006

Softpastel on paper. 

Size 30x20cm.


drawings with graphite marker - 2005

A selection from a series of 100 drawings.

Size 30x20 cm.


god's gifts - drawings 2000

From 15 April to 29 October 2000 Bart Drost organized 'God's Gifts' a series of exhibitions in the Grote Kerk in Veere. During this period he made a drawing almost daily. Pencil, pen or ink on a sheet of A4 paper. In his studios in Nijmegen or Vlissingen, on vacation and in the European Ceramic Work Center in Den Bosch. The drawings are snapshots and give an impression of 'what the artist was occupied with at some point in daily life'. He then faxed these drawings to the webmaster of, who in turn put the drawings on the site. After the exhibition period the drawings were removed from the website, just as the works had to disappear from the church.

Formaat A4


ceramic bowls - 2000

Ceramic bowls.

Intersection 40cm. High 8cm.


softpastels bigger size - 1999/2000

Softpastel on paper, different sizes. 1991-2000.

Size 50x65cm - 100x70cm.


paintings 1995 - 2000

From the line drawing with chalk or East Indian ink, images are created in acrylic or oil paint.

Variable sizes. 50x50cm, 90x60cm, 100x100cm eso.


oilpastel on grayboard - 1996

A series from 1996. 'Just in between'. On residual pieces of gray cardboard. Varnished.

Various sizes: from 10x10 cm to 18x19 cm.


acrylic on bitumen paper - 1994

Jet black, gesso & acrylic on bitumen paper. 1994.

Size 65x65 cm.


siberian crayon & softpastel, varnished - 1993

Siberian crayon & softpastel, varnished on light carboard, 1993.

Size 23x25 cm.


orangeailles on paper - 1991

In 1991 Bart Drost started to paint on canvas. Until then he used the bitumen technique: first set up the image in East Indian ink and then get to work with acrylic. In this case home-garden-and-kitchen acrylic paint. He has to work fast, because the ink may not be dry yet so that orange and black "go in to" each other. In addition to the canvases, he made a number of orangeailles on paper.

Size 100x70 cm.


silk prints in edition

Variable runs, a few remnants.

Various sizes - 60x60cm to 25x25cm

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