paintings on paper, 1985/2012

During his study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (1981-1983) Bart Drost discovered the 'bitumen paper'. A material that was used in the roofing world. It was cheap, it was sold to the role, it was strong. For a background, so quickly to work on, it proved to be a splendid material for Drost. Making signs turned out to making paintings. Making quick notes. Initially with Jet Black, later Indian ink, gesso and acrylic paint. This quick painting is for Drost everytime again like a 'come home'. No chance to think, freedom to intervene. Until this very moment Drost paints with periods on bitumen paper his well-known figures. Maybe it's the only thing that's really important?


going home - tan kang kee museum of art - xiamen - 2012

In april 2012 Bart Drost together with hisChinese friend Xiaoming Xia made a brief trip to his homeland. In theexhibition 'going home', specially created for students of the Art & DesignDepartment of the XiamenTan Kah Kee College does Drost report of this trip,which is peppered with stories from the childhood of both himself and XiaomingXia. A 'going home' in two respects: the Chinese friend is looking for his homeplace, Drost serves again the way of painting in which his career has started.The result are 18 black/white paintings (220x85cm), 23 color paintings(110x85cm), 23 pen drawings (15x10cm) and 1 shortmovie.


back to the source - museum van bommel van dam - venlo - 1989

'Back to the Source' refers to Bart Drost's place of birth: Venlo. But it also refers to the source of most of his work: the drawing. The paintings on bitumen paper he exhibits are so to speak coloured drawings; inklines quickly put on paper, austere and spontaneous. The enormous size of the paintings (210x210 cm) intensifies their clarity en presence. One step further are the objects sawn out of multiply, that seem to 'walk' straight out of the paintings.


I did'nt do anything - gallery nouvelles images - the hague - 1987

In 1985/1986 Bart Drost made 36 paintings on bitumen paper, 220x100 cm. As much of his work  these paintings together also formed 'a series'. Ton Berends, former gallery owner of Nouvelles Images in The Hague wanted to show in his gallery the installation 'for my youngest son', which in 1986 was developed for the small church of Persingen. "Only if also the series 'I did'nt do anything' will be shown," was the answer of Drost. So it came to pass. All 36 paintings were hanged in the Gallery. To the displeasure of the gallery owner: there were too many and ' too many= not marketable. " That is shown.

Of the exhibition are no photos remained. The pictures above are recordings from Drosts Studio.


paintings on bitumen paper

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